Wednesday, January 22, 2014


a few days late this week with this post (which doesn't exactly bode well for the rest of the year, if i'm already behind on week 3... however, i will press on, and with renewed enthusiasm and punctuality next week, i promise!)

joining jodi (and others) in posting one photo (or more) (always more) of my child every week, for 52 weeks, in 2014...


 she was sleepy from the drive, but determined to explore all the new rocks and plants in the garden at nonnie and papa's house in wimberley...

 and oh, how ella loves her papa... she whispers his name "paah-pa" - almost reverently and secretly -  every single time

 four generations of women... they are where i come from, who i am...
{photo by rick byars, aka, papa}

 messy wisps of hair tucked into the headband (that she will FINALLY keep on her head! hallelujah!)... and always something in her mouth

 she loves to give kisses when she is excited and happy (but also when she is sad, and in need of reassurance, and it is so heartbreakingly sweet)

she loved digging her fingers into the sandy, wet, leafy pile of rocks at the water's edge... her little hand grasped the perfect rock, she stood and tossed it in... triumphantly, both arms shot into the air, and she looked around, expectantly, for the cheers and claps that followed every time (we couldn't help ourselves when she grinned so proudly)



  1. Your going to be so glad you did this 52 challenge! Life gets really crazy as they grow but time stands still in our blogs!
    And I was going to ask where you got the headband so glad you gave the link!

    1. i just noticed that they shop is down at that website right now... but when it is back up, they have the CUTEST headbands and leggings and other darling things :) xo