Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the 52 project and 1/52

hello.  happy new year.  i have been thinking for months about how much i miss this space - writing and sharing our stories and photos.  especially now that our daughter has been part of our lives for a little over 14 months, i'm so very aware how quickly time is passing and i want to be more diligent about recording some of my favorite memories - partly my hope is that in taking the time to document little milestones and adventures, i'll be able to let go a bit of some of the sadness that inevitably creeps in {at least for me} as my daughter grows and moves from one precious stage to another {thankfully, equally as precious} stage.

so.  as some of my favorite bloggers {kacie at mamacase and kristina at lovely morning, among others} have done, i've decided to join jodi at practising simplicity in the 52 week challenge.  a photo of my child every week for 52 weeks.  {and, as i tend to get a bit panicky with limits on photos, you may expect to see more than one photo most of the time... or, who knows, maybe one of these days i'll use this as a challenge to limit myself to one good one and let go of the possibility and option of more*...}

*spoiler alert - that day is not today


her little wispy 14-month-old curls tuck messily into the space between her shoulders and her ear along her neck until the winter wind blows them free...

her eyes are ever-evolving deep, soulful pools of grey/hazel... 

she constantly asks to get "dow!" and she runs around confidently now, stopping to explore almost everything.  she loves to touch and smell flowers and trees, and she waves and blows kisses to the moon, babies, and just about every other person or thing she encounters.  such a social, happy little love...


  1. I think we should think of this challenge as ATLEAT ONE photo a week rather than just one! I Love seeing your pictures!