Wednesday, February 5, 2014


joining jody and others for the 52 project... a photo (or more) (always more) of my child, every week, for 52 weeks in 2014... (late again, sorry!)

ella turned 15 months since the last 52 project post, but i posted photos from my 15 month mini-session with her separately, so i won't re-use them for this...


our post-bath (or shower) routine... (because it is one of my absolute favorite little rituals of the day, and i don't wait to forget a thing...)

she lays in our big bed. loosely wrapped in her towel (or more likely she's kicked most of it off)... making eyes at dada and pressing her feet into his chest - "press!  press!"  she grins and gives a shove...

then mama covers her body in coconut oil lotion and she squeals "uh-shin! uh-shin!" and "bah-dee! bah-dee"

next, she sits up with wild, freshly washed and conditioned hair, and reaches for her "shirt! shirt!" and then fleecy jammies "jamajamajamajamajamas!" 

she helps put her arms through (changing hands if she's holding a toy) and gets ready next for her diaper "buh-pa!"... then, "legs! pahts!" to finish getting dressed...

after jammies, we brush teeth (showing the mirror baby how to do it) and sometimes give her wild hair a brush with mama's big brush...

then we wrap her up in her soft minky blanket in her room, sing "pajama time" with daddy and izzie, and then time to rock and nurse to sleep... "meck!  meck!"  

"nigh nigh!  nigh nigh!"


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