Sunday, February 9, 2014



joining jody (and others) for the 52 project... a photo (or more) (always more) of my child, every week, for 52 weeks in 2014

**i was a few days late getting last week's post up, so i wanted to be ahead of schedule this week**

this girl. a sunny, gorgeous winter afternoon. a new favorite shirt. (you might recognize this same favorite headband.) she loves to run "side! side!" and explore the backyard.  gathering and throwing little rocks are a favorite, as is playing in any dirt or mud she can find. she loves to get izzie to chase her or take the ball from her so she can run and scream "nooooo!" delightedly. she is so amazing. every week with her is my new favorite. 

(also, i narrowed down about 50 photos to get to these 13, so you're welcome for not posting every single one!)


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  1. Love her headband and these shots! And jealous of your warm weather!