Monday, February 17, 2014


joining jody (and others) for the 52 project... a photo of my child, every week, for 52 weeks in 2014...

i'll be posting a little valentine's day recap post soon, so i decided to be more judicious with this weeks 52 project posting -  really follow the original prompt, and post only one photo from the week...

her eyes are so deep... and she loves playing in the dirt - can you see the remnants on her little hand? my favorite part of this photo is the tiny pool of drool on her bottom lip... since wearing her amber teething necklace, she hardly ever drools, but occasionally, when she is really excited or distracted, a tiny bit escapes...

 *behind her is the outdoors chalkboard that dada made a few weeks ago - she loves her "ble-board"!

{last week's 52 project with 13 photos (oops!).. our baby bedtime routine and post-bath 52 project photos... and the first 52 project posting}

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