Wednesday, March 19, 2014


*yesterday i was catching up on last week's post (week 10), so today i've got this week's photos to share*

11/52joining jody (and others) for the 52 project... a photo (or more)(always more) of my daughter every week, for 52 weeks in 2014...


so this girl has MORE than enough darling clothes... and i've really been good - and extremely judicious - about limiting any new purchases for the last several months... like none at all... she really has plenty of things that i splurged on last year (on sale for the next year's size!) and that were gifts or generous hand-me-downs... 


when this most perfect blush-colored eyelet top jumped into my arms at baby gap during a "40% off the entire store" sale, i couldn't say no.  i mean....

this girl.  the sweet shirt.  those wisps.  those CURLS!  her love of exploring the backyard.  of getting dirty and being unafraid to touch and experience new things.  her incredibly fast run.  her little shy grin. my whole heart.


  1. ADORABLE girl in such a sweet top :)

    1. thanks rachel! can you believe how big our girls are these days?? missing my baby, but LOVE this stage :)