Tuesday, May 6, 2014

13/52: bluebonnet photos

*this week is really week 18/52, but i'm playing catch up (again) for several weeks...*


(last month) we ventured to a hill behind st. edward's university to take a few bluebonnet photos (practically a yearly requirement and definite rite of passage for a child in the great state of texas)... my sweet love wasn't sure about a few of the pokey weeds, but she did like smelling the flowers ("shAH-lers!!!") and she loved saying hello the critters crawling and flying around ("hi bugs! hi bugs! ooooh!! hi bugs!")

those pigtails. i can hardly stand it! (she leaves them alone, for the most part, until someone mentions them, then she reaches up and finds the barrette and pulls it out triumphantly...) 
also... this bluebonnet hat?  last year she wore it and lay in the flowers like a little bluebonnet herself... and now it doesn't fit (sob!)

oh my sweet baby...

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