hi.  i'm amelia.  i'm a fourth-generation texan, living in austin with my husband, our baby girl (who is, in reality, already a toddler) (i don't always tend to live in reality) (don't tell my husband), and our dog.  

i'm a self-taught local child and family photographer (, i have a doctorate degree in physical therapy (specializing in infants and children), and, occasionally, i even moonlight as an event designer/coordinator.  and i love doing all of that... but most importantly? i'm a mama.  i've waited my whole life to become a mama, and it is better than i could have ever imagined.  especially because i'm raising my baby with the most amazing (and handsome!) husband/father.

i took a long hiatus from (very occasional) blogging, and i decided to return with the "52 project" - with some other musings and ramblings and story-telling along the way.    

a few random facts about me: i majorly overuse exclamation points.  i try not to ever use our (or any) microwave.  i love designing and decorating spaces.  though i pride myself on eating primarily healthy/local/organic food, my diet often resembles that of a (very healthy) toddler.  i've watched the entire series of the west wing from start to finish 2 times since the show ended.  my mother and grandmother both also have red hair.  i am completely terrified of roller coasters and scary movies, and do not understand at all why anyone would enjoy either.  i am definitely an extrovert, though i am becoming slightly more introverted as i get older.  i have a plant addiction - especially succulents.  

so, thanks for reading!  i'm really glad you're here!  i love emails, so feel free to send me one with any thoughts or questions or concerns :)

*all photos on this page by j. noel photography*

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